BonnyJoy is a children’s boutique clothing brand. Designed and made in the EU.
Our creative design approach

Have you noticed how kids play for hours with something as plain as a paper cup or a key ring? Creating our collections we want to preserve that childlike fascination with the world around and give kids colorful clothes they can play with.

But how do we do that being mere adults? How do we go back to what childhood was like? Simple. At the start of each collection we invite kids of different ages and we play together – with bright colors, asymmetric cuts and all kinds of funny little gimmicks. Born out of play, our designs come to be as funny and imaginative as kids are.

Being destined to go to the playground or to school, our clothes are also sturdy & comfortable. Because when a kid wants to be a mighty superhero or a dinosaur or a princess or tree climber of ball chaser or someone-rolling-on-the-floor-for-no-apparent-reason, we want them to do it with ease.

That’s why we use fine OEKO-TEX certified cotton, kids friendly water-based dyes, nickel free snap buttons. BonnyJoy clothes are strong, durable and suitable for daily washing and so for hard playing.


** In 2018, was rebranded to

⋆ Junior Design Awards 2018  – Nomination for Best Children’s Fashion Collection for BonnyJoy Spring/Summer’18

⋆ CWB “5 kidswear brands to watch”

⋆ Trendstop’s Spring/Summer’18 Trend Report – featured BonnyJoy Mini Modernist T-shirt

⋆ Bubble London July’17 – Fiona Coleman’s (Global Trends Consultant) Trend Report – featured BonnyJoy Colibri Dress

Let’s spread the joyful vibes together 🙂